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The “Phee”lippines

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There’s this word, it crosses my mind every time I think of the fantastic 3 weeks in the Philippines recently. We really love the Philippines but this term “Pheelippines” comes to mind when removing all the papers, tickets and payment slips from the backpacks. I read about it the last couple of days here and here.

So what’s this all about?

Everywhere you go in the Philippines, like airports, ferry terminals or check in counters you might be asked to pay a fee. Environmental Fee, Terminal Fee, Baggage Fee or Baggage Transport Fee or Tourism Development Fee.

I understand that this might be a way of the local government to make earnings for the local areas, so for me,  it’s understandable and ok to pay the fees. It’s just a particular thing in the Philippines that this happens apart from a ticket sale for example.  The fee could be charged while buying the ferry ticket, wouldn’t that be better in order to reduce corruption or to just make sure the money is arriving where it should?

Sometimes as a tourist it’s surprising that currently there’s a fee you have to pay. We are never 100% sure that this is actually a scam or just normal procedure. We know now! Nothing to worry about folks, it’s normal procedure. ❤️

What fees do I have to expect when traveling in the Philippines?

Terminal Fees / International flights – up to 750 pesos

We flew a lot during our 3 weeks in the Philippines, for us it was super convenient to reduce travel time and spend more time on the beach.

Manila Domestic Flights / NAYA Terminal 4

200 pesos/per person

Caticlan Arrival Terminal

100 pesos for transport tricycle includes(?) ferry ticket (20 pesos) from Caticlan to Boracay

Caticlan Port/Harbour

Environment Fees – 60 pesos/person

Terminal Fee Port – 100 pesos/person

Boracay Caticlan Airport Terminal Fee – 100 pesos

Kalibo Airport

Kalibo Airport Terminal Fee – 250 pesos

Hey, that’s some nice little fees, right? It won’t kill my vibe for sure, but it definetly felt a little weird after a couple of occasions.  For now, that’s all the fees at Ferry Terminals and Airports I can think of, but I am sure these haven’t been all the fees we had to pay on our trips through the Philippines.

Have you been to the Philippines recently? Are there any fees you had to pay? Anything you want to add to this article. Please feel free to comment.




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