Island Hopping in Thailand

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Island Hopping in Thailand is one of the experiences you probably never forget again in your life. The chrystal clear water, the backpackers, the young and relaxed vibe – far from work and stress – will make you want to come back! NOW!

I can’t speak for all the islands in Thailand yet but I can tell you some nice stories about the most important onces. And no, I’ve not been to Koh Pagnan for the full moon party – so sorry in case you came for some Full Moon Party Insights – I can’t help you here… with this post.

So in general, as a first rule, if you travel to Thailand do not carry to much stuff with you!

If you travel to Thailand do not carry to much stuff with you!

As a small gimmik I added a video I found a while back on Vimeo – The video is incredible, and if you add the fact that it’s shot on an iphone 4s it makes it an remarkable piece of work I am happy to share with you fellow globetrotters.

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