Getting ready for our next trip

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It has been a long year. A long year with a couple of small, very nice trips to Mallorca, Germany and Navarra but our big trip overseas was still to come. During the whole year, we were thinking about the different locations. Due to family and a bunch of great feedback from fellow travellers we thought about Indonesia, Thailand obviously 😆 and maybe South America or Africa? All spots on our bucket list.

Finally, we decided. End of the Year, we had been in Thailand a couple of times, Vietnam and Cambodia – this time we’re going somewhere else! Something a bit more adventurous maybe.

Stay tuned as we start our journey through a paradise in a couple of days!

I love to travel! There's nothing like learning new languages and meet new cultures or simply see the wonders of this world. I try to balance my job with vacations and share my experiences here on the blog. Enjoy and hit me on twitter: @davidschoenfeld or Google+

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